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Therapy Dog Training

This School will be 5 weeks long and will work on the following:

  1. Explaining the job of a therapy dog and the facilities that they work.
  2. Grooming and appearance
  3. Therapy Dog Vest/Gear
  4. Accepting a strangers touch
  5. Working in close quarters with other dogs without reactions
  6. Supervised Separation
  7. Medical Device Exposure-idol & moving
  8. Loud noise exposure
  9. Leave it with hazardous/dangerous items
  10. Entering/exiting  a room properly
  11. Facility Group Registration & Sign in
  12. Therapy Dog shows

This school will give your pup all the basics they need to move on to the next level to our Therapy Dog Program so they can begin to apply all this training at schools and medical facilities.

This course is five weeks long and one hour in duration and a cost of $175 per pup for the 5 weeks.

Prerequisites for Therapy Dog preparation score;

1. Advance Level one certification
2. Temperament Test
3. Invite from Top Dog Trainer