Rodney Little: Youngwood Top Dog

With over 20 years of dog training experience Rodney’s love of dogs stems from early childhood when he got his first German Shepard growing up in a small farm town in Pennsylvania. But it was Sarge, a Black Shepard/ Lab mix he adopted in 2012, that led him to his dog training business.

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Sarge had been abandoned and later taken to a kill shelter before he convinced Rodney to take him home. He did not know much to start but through hard work and dedication Sarge became well trained dog. After mastering all of his basic commands it was time to find Sarge a job so they assisted the State Police with missing person cases. Later Sarge was recertified and trained as a mobility service dog, then also trained and recertified as a Top Dog Therapy Dog.

Finally, in 2014, Rodney took the leap of faith and started Youngwood Top Dog Services.  Having both a police and military background he was excited to start and grow this new dog training business. He left his career in retail to open Youngwood Top Dog Services and now enjoys fulfilling his passion for dogs by getting to work with them every day.

Rodney is an animal expert for Court of Common Pleas, Westmoreland County.

Why Choose Us

  • Continual Education for Staff

    We only work with highly qualified staff. Our Team is continually working on furthering their education and staying up to speed on all the latest dog training techniques and information. This way we can confidently provide you with the highest quality of training!

  • Communication

    Communication is extremely important to us! We want to make our trainers and staff available to you! For this reason we have numerous way for you to communicate with out Team. Learn more information or see more pics on our Facebook Page Youngwood Top Dog Services, send us an email at Youngwoodtopdogservices@gmail.com or call or text us at 412-610-6664

  • Lifetime Support for our Programs

    Once you finish one of our Top Dog Training Program’s that does not mean you no longer have a trainer or anyone for your doggy advice. We have multiple class options to continue your pups on their training path or you can schedule a follow up appointment just to keep your dog sharp and well rounded.

  • Giving you a Peace of Mind

    Our experienced team is here to care for your pets and help coach you through our training process.  Every dog we encounter is in a different situation, but our goal is to give you, your family, and your dogs all the tools you need to be successful to accomplish your training goals.