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Basic Obedience In-Home Training

Does your dog do things their way? Do you have problems with any of the following issues: jumping, excessive barking, mouthing, nipping, counter surfing, stealing items, chewing on household items, or just doing things their way not yours? It sounds like it is time for the Top Dog Basic Obedience Program to come to your home! Our Top Dog trainers will come to your home based off your schedule and availability and will and work with both you and your pup to correct any unruly behavior. We will also cover the basic commands; sit, lay-down, stay, come here, and leave it with household items and human food. We will also implement our Top Dog housebreaking program if you need assistance with bathroom training. Your Top Dog trainer will also cover mental stimulation and how you can challenge your dogs’ brain, and their mouth at the same time all while tiring their bodies out without you physically needing to be involved with them 24/7. Call or message us now to book your in-home basic obedience training appointment.