Puppy Classes

Do you have a new puppy in the house? Is your pup under 5 months old? If so, then it’s time to enroll into The Top Dog Puppy Classes. The Top Dog Puppy Classes are 5 weeks long and one hour per class where you and your puppy will meet at our training facility for class to get your pup started on all the important things in their new life! We will focus on socialization interaction with your puppy and other pups unfamiliar to them as well as other people! Socialization is such an important factor of a puppies early psychological development. During this 5-week course your class leaders will teach and train on the following commands: sit, laydown, watch me, come here, stay, leave it, and heel step. Each week your class leader will assign a homework assignment for your family and puppy to apply between classes. The 5th and final week of classes the pups and parents take the final test together. Next you will go through our graduation ceremony where the pups and families walk down the aisle one at a time with the graduation music playing overhead. We will award you with a puppy graduation certification, as well as a metal for your pup. We will take your family graduation photo in front of our company logo.